About Rocky Butte Soap

How We Got Here

Madison Rain (She/He/They)

 "I began soap making as a small and intimate hobby January of 2020, in my very first apartment in my hometown of Yuba City, California. During these (quarantined) times of trial and error,  I mastered the cold process technique, and created a bubbly, gentle, and moisturizing recipe that is both vegan and all natural. I strive for perfection, and I do source my ingredients locally as much as I can. My end goal is to say that my bars are certified organic. Soap making has been time-consuming and somewhat dangerous─no, I don't steal liposuction fat─but it has been a rewarding project ever since I made my way north.

     "The sh*t show that we knew as the year 2020 brought much change, I myself moved from Yuba City to Redding, California, and from Redding to my current home in Portland, Oregon. I  came up with the name Rocky Butte in respect to one of my favorite places here in the city, an extinct cinder cone volcano, which offers a somewhat 360° view of the whole city. This is where I always go to, sort of, remind myself that this crazy world is still functioning, and that mother Earth is still turning, meaning I have every reason to get up and do things, like providing you and I with this lovely soap.

     In the past year and a half I have been doing lengthy research,  and have concluded the following:

     Rocky Butte Soap is made of a coconut, castor, hemp and olive oil base, each oil giving off their own superpower. These powers being moisturizing, antibacterial, anti-aging, and great for sensitive skin. Each and every essential oil I use also features some kind of remedy, you might call it, and those range anywhere... from repelling insects to fighting eczema and athlete's foot. The mica colorants that I use are completely skin safe as well. And while some products are listed as being dog-friendly, please contact a veterinarian before trying any new product on your dog.



Meet the team of one who defines rocky butte soap

     "I am nowhere near finished perfecting my recipe, but I am extremely proud of where I have idled my experimenting, and, well, I want to make my customers proud of what I have on the market, which is why I adore the reviews and the feedback and the criticism.  Every purchase from and communication with my customers─most of them I know personally─further aids in my ability to turn around and give them even more satisfying results. 
     As I've probably mentioned I am a one man team. I'm currently working full time and dead-set on getting some kind of higher education. But as I prioritize work and education, I will also be making time to prioritize my craft. After all, when I heard friends and family boast about how awesome the soap was, that is when I decided to take it to the big league─online! All batches are [ethically and sustainably] handmade, cured, wrapped, labeled, and photographed from the comforts of my home in Portland, Oregon."